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What is MoonwalkerFM?

When you mint a MoonwalkerFM NFT, you own up to 30%* streaming royalties on a 100% original LoFi track. That means every time your song is played, you are earning passive rewards that are airdropped directly to you every quarter.
*2 NFTs are connected per song, sharing 45% between them. One owns 30%, the other 15% based on which is rarer

How do I know which song is mine?

MoonwalkerFM created an industry-first decentralised application (DApp) that shows you which songs your NFTs are linked with and if it's rare or common. All you need is your Ethereum wallet address!

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But who are the Moonwalkers?

By nature they were an angry & unpleasant species. Fur-covered aliens from a distant galaxy. Always discontent & unsatisfied with their way of living… one day, a Millenia ago, an ancient tape was discovered. This tape contained a series of audio files which brought peace & serenity to the Moonwalkers. they called this music. Lo-Fi. This inspired them to work together to explore the universe to discover new music, to keep their world safe & to never return to the days of old...



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Co-Founder & Tech Lead


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